“Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
~Albert Einstein

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Business owners, if you are serious about your projects seeing completion, leveraging operational effectiveness, and unleashing the potential in your business, it’s finally time your tireless efforts are actually rewarded.


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ProActive Pathways Consulting is here to partner with you to help you trek across the complicated landscape of today’s business environment.

Without the confidence that your next step is going to lead your business and team down the most optimal path towards success, unseen obstacles will surely slow down your efforts and growth.

We love working with business owners who are in need of project and operational support but, don’t have the big budgets to spend on over-priced firms that really don’t understand the concerns of smaller business structures and entrepreneurial models.

Utilizing the creative synergy of masterminds we continue the business path with our clients to build stronger peer communities, capitalize on the power of a brain-trust of shared knowledge, and provide continued learning and skill development for business success.


Worried business man

  • Small and Mid-size Businesses with up to 250 number of employees wanting to outsource critical operational or project processes with confidence.
  • Non-profit or Vision-based ‘green’ Businesses needing clearly defined operational planning and strategic business growth steps by reduce costly risks.
  • Independent Service Professionals needing strategic partnering, leadership, masterminding and resources for continued emerging growth opportunities.
  • Business and Health Teams wanting to improve upon their effectiveness and proficiencies with outside leadership and management methodology.

Mastermind Groups

The help two rock-climbers each other in outdoor

Business can at times be an isolating experience, especially if, your role is as a leader or manager.  Who do you turn to for professional development, strategic input, and trusted advice?  Joining a Mastermind community offers the synergy of group members’ skills….  more info

Planning Coach

3 people working around a round tableThe process of planning and tackling projects is as much a skill as it is an art.  Successfully achieving targeted outcomes rarely comes without challenges.  Having the capacity to maneuver through obstacles and unexpected issues requires more than the how-to of the process……. more info

Operations Management

General office shotWhen areas in your business are having difficulty successfully producing the necessary outcomes it can show up in large and small ways.  Inefficiency can increase your operating costs, decrease employee engagement and keep your customers from coming back…… more info

Project Management

circuitFrom idea to implementation, projects require systematic processes in order to develop desired results.  However, without management great ideas can turn into lack luster projects that under-perform or are never completed.  Project management is a dedicated process …….. more info

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